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6 Kinds of Furniture You’ll Find in a Japanese Akiya House

You might find these akiya furniture items in your new old house in Japan. Treasure or trash? I’ve had the adventure of discovering what was left behind in three akiyas now – all previously occupied by adorable grannies who left behind evidence of creative, loving lives. I can’t lie – sorting the stuff is fascinating […]

FREE Japanese House Vocab Flashcards

Hey there! We made a digital flashcard deck for Japanese home design lovers to brush up on their house vocab studying. You can learn & study with us for free on quizlet by following this link: Japanese House Vocab [Interior Design & Architectural Terms] The set covers the following words:Tsuboniwa (坪庭) (つぼにわ): courtyard gardenKyōmachiya (京町家)(きょうまちや: […]

Japandi Aesthetic: Designer Dream or Cultural Blasphemy?

The term “Japandi” has gained traction as a popular interior design aesthetic, blending elements from Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions. @dpinteriordesign Japandi Design 🪴 Skip to the end for some affordable decor pieces to add to your space 😌 #interiordesign #homedecor #interiordesigner #interiordecor #japandi #japandistyle #japandiinterior #design #designtok #interiordesignideas ♬ original sound – Deepa Designers […]

30 Ways to Get Warm (and Stay Warm) During Winter in Japan

Winter in Japan Can Be Miserable. How to Stay Warm in Winter in Japan. This comes from a Canadian who also lived in snowy Minnesota for seventeen years. I know winter. I hate winter. I don’t like snow. I don’t like ice. And worst of all, I don’t like being cold. So when I was […]

How to Manage Culture Shock With Home Design

Home Design for Culture Shock in Japan

My supervisor opened the door to my first-ever apartment in Japan and immediately apologized. The dated faux wood paneling was dinged, scratched, and littered with tape residue. The apartment had probably been closed without air circulation for several humid weeks, creating a thick atmosphere that smelled like mold and cat urine. Within minutes, he had […]

Standard Products by Daiso is Poised to Challenge Muji’s Success

Standard Products Haul

What is Standard Products? A Quick Introduction Standard Products is a noteworthy new home and lifestyle store line, introduced by parent company, Daiso Sangyo. Daiso is the largest 100 yen shop in Japan, with 2023 sales of nearly 600 billion yen. Standard Products has already gained popularity and notoriety for it’s affordable, well-designed home products. […]