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Kominka Home Reno

Historic preservation, gut-jobs, and everything inbetween. The best kominka reno images to kick-start your renovation dreams.

Folk House Conversions

Hotels, cafes, galleries, and more. The sky is the limit for kominka conversion projects, and we've compiled lots to get you inspired.

ALT Teacher Apartment in Japanese Countryside

Apartment Inspo

Whether you're just landing or you're an apartment life person, here are plenty of ideas to live big in your corner of Japan.


Editor-curated visuals to help you find your perfect home style in Japan.

Natural Warmth

Tranquil havens built from wood, bamboo, straw, and clay. A harmonious blend of simplicity and authenticity. Elevated living spaces with the essence of Japanese design, crafting a home that radiates serene elegance.

Industrial Minimalism

Explore a modern twist on home interiors, fusing retro aesthetics with functional design. Discover how to infuse your space with style and purpose, creating a fashionable yet practical atmosphere.

Japanese Style

Step into the authentic charm of Japanese living, where tea rooms, tatami, wabi-sabi, and shoji converge in a harmonious blend of elegance. All the best of traditional Japanese-style home interior design.

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