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Japanese Style Interior Design Inspo Gallery

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Traditional Japanese Interior Design Gallery

Old Japanese houses need less stuff and less renovation. So why do we need a visual inspiration gallery like this? To remind us how gorgeous traditional Japanese interior design can be when we don’t mess with it.

If you haven’t already, please read In Praise of Shadows. It’s an influential Japanese aesthetic philosophy book that will help you get some ideas on why and how old Japanese houses are wonderful the way they are.

I think we will see more and more western folks moving into kominka and old akiya houses in Japan. And a lot of people are going to assume that they need to be changed, freshened up, renovated, etc. And yes, they might need repairs. But I’d like to argue that much of the wear, grunge, traditional style and old stuff should be embraced the way it is as much as possible.

So here are some Japanese-style home pics to get your brain gears turning.

I hope this got some gears turning on traditional home design. I’ll continue to refresh this inspo gallery with more Japanese interior design pics, so come back and visit later!

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