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8 Places to Buy Curtains Online in Japan

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Curtain Chronicles: Where to Order Curtains Online with Japan Shipping

Don’t feel limited to just the local home center! There are plenty of lovely options for where you can source curtains online with Japan shipping. Here are some of our top window covering store picks:

1. Traffa Traffa

Named after the Swedish word for “encounter”, Traffa Traffa creates unique designs that add an optimistic feel. Their curtains are bold, bright, and perfect for someone looking to add color into a room. International designers, made-in-Japan products. On-demand production means no excess product and sustainable practices.

bright curtains japan
Folkdrakter Curtain Dark Green

¥ 8,250
✓ Free shipping over ¥ 11,000

2. Indoor Plus

If you’re searching for curtains that add a luxury feel, Indoor Plus may have what you’re looking for. They have plenty of lacey and thick stain drapery options.

minimal lace curtain
Lace Curtain

¥ 17,810
✓ Free shipping over ¥ 10,800

3. Rough

Rough is a stylish source for curtains, draperies and sheers that have a bit of something special. There are some very pretty fabric options and nice details, such as this unique bright blue piping. And many of their drapes are machine-washable.

piping lace blue

¥ 11,000
✓ Machine Washable

4. Mutuki

Mutuki is a popular place to buy furniture online, and they offer numerous stylish curtain options for a variety of styles. Their natural lace curtains are perfect if you want curtains but still need some brightness in your room.

natural curtain online
Schmetterling Lace Curtain

¥ 4,880
✓ Free shipping

5. Kurashi

Similar to Mutuki, Kurashi offers a variety of sheer lace curtains for rooms needing plenty of filtered light. They have natural curtain options, or bold and bright patterned curtains if that’s more your style.

sheer curtains online
Lace Curtain

¥ 6,790
✓ Free shipping

6. Unico

Unico has novelty and eclectic curtains online that add a nice layer. Unico has products with reliable quality, and the textiles are even nicer in real life versus the photos. Many of their online draperies are available semi-custom and can be ordered by 1cm increments.

7. Cucan

Cucan sells a variety of home furnishings online like curtains, rugs, and bedding. Their Scandinavian-influenced designs are stylish and affordable. Other designs include bold patterns, natural looks, botanical prints, and character patterns. Blackout and machine-washable options available.

8. Wardrobe Sangetsu

Wardrobe Sangetsu is a great source for linen curtains, sheers, and other high-quality window coverings. They have many products that are woven right in Japan, and also offer fabric sample swatches.

Final Curtain Shopping Tips

  • Consider using a double-track with a layer of sheers closest to your windows for a more elevated look. This can be especially useful if you want privacy but don’t want the darkness of closed drapes all the time.
  • Winters can get cold. Now is the time to arm your windows from drafts and coldness. Consider drapes with an extra lining or an insulation rating. See also: 30 Ways to Get Warm (and Stay Warm) During Winter in Japan
  • If your curtains don’t come with hooks, you can find super affordable ones at Daiso.
  • You will want extra width if you want a pleasant ripple look. Don’t order curtains the same size as your windows. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to measure for their product.

Happy shopping!