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Japanese Apartment Home Inspo Gallery

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Need Interior Design Ideas for Your Apartment in Japan? We’ve Got Ya!

Whether it’s a standard-issue teacher’s apartment, urban solo-life, a sharehouse room or your who-knows-how-long family home, here are apartment ideas to make the place your own! Studio apartments are great if you embrace it. (Trust me, I lived in one for 11 years!) And don’t forget – cleaning and organization will take you far. 🙂

Tatami Rooms


Room cafe. Yes.

Some designers swear by this tip: in a room that is all white and light, one black item keeps it “grounded” and balanced.

Lots of people get down on having a workspace in the same room where you sleep. Not me. Love it. Because you can keep all your charging devices at arms-reach from both your desk and your bed. That’s efficiency, my friends!


Check out the arms on that loveseat though. Yeah, it’s not a napper, but you can set a mug or book there easily. Great small space option.

Notice how the little table acts both as a coffee table and a bed-side table.

Plantscaped Room

Apartment Storage ‘Spo

Teeny Tiny Japanese Apartment Kitchens

I used this approach in my teeny-tiny Minneapolis condo and loved it – a very disciplined palette of white, chrome, lucite, and mirror, and a preference for glossy finishes when possible. It reflects as much light as possible, especially useful if you experience seasonal depression or dislike small-feeling spaces.