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Best Places to Buy Cheap Furniture Online in Japan

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Budget Bliss: Your Guide to Japanese Budget Furniture Stores!

Whether you are an English Teacher in rural Japan paying off student loans, a fresh digital nomad looking to live a simple life, or saving up for the day you can retire in your old traditional Japanese house. Buying furniture online doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve rounded up the best places to buy cheap furniture online in Japan for folks on a budget.

1. Gekikagu

Gekikagu offers a variety of budget furniture online, including a good selection of Kotatsus.

budget kotatsu online
Folded Leg Kotatsu

¥ 17,180
✓ Free shipping

2. FrancFranc

Francfranc’s designs are primarily for those with a feminine or trendy aesthetic who are searching for stylish furniture on a budget.

3. Nitori

Nitori is a Japanese brand that is similar to IKEA in which it offers cheap, stylish furniture with a simple aesthetic. Unlike IKEA, they also offer Japanese furniture like kotatsus.

cheap kotatsu
Kotatsu Quilt

¥ 10,990
✓ Free shipping

4. SHIRAI Store

SHIRAI has an assortment of interior and exterior furniture in styles like natural and Scandinavian that instantly freshen up any akiya house.

5. Neruco

Neruco is perfect for those looking to buy a bed or mattress online, and their website has lots of functionality and style options.

cheap bed online
Scandinavian Style Slatted Bed

¥ 18,050
✓ Free shipping

6. Sofa Style

Per the name, Sofa Style offers numerous different types of budget sofas online such as 1 and 2 seat sofas, sofa beds, and corner sofas. The prices are very budget friendly.

budget sofa japan
Scandinavian Design Wooden Sofa

¥ 65,375
✓ Free Shipping

7. Mutuki

Mutuki is a popular store for those looking for stylish furniture on a budget. They have a wide selection of furniture for a variety of aesthetics including Scandinavian, natural, and vintage.

stylish budget sofa
2-Seat Solid Wood Sofa

¥ 270,980
✓ Free shipping

8. Lowya

Lowya’s furniture is stylish, trendy, and affordable. They have design guides that help you coordinate the style of your entire room around a product.

Single Slatted Bed Frame

¥ 13,990
✓ Free shipping

9. B-Company

B-Company offers stylish furniture on a budget for those looking for vintage, mid-century (great in an ecclectic kominka!), Scandinavian, or feminine aesthetics.


If you’re searching for a vintage rug without the hefty price tag, TOCO LIFE has a variety of Persian vintage style rugs for those on a budget.

11. II-NA

II-NA is an online furniture store offering primarily Scandinavian style furniture. They have designs for practically every room, making it easy to shop at one place for multiple needs.

12. Couleur

Couleur is an online furniture store with natural furniture and a feminine vibe to cozy up any traditional Japanese house.

cheap dining table
Dining Table

¥ 59,800
✓ Free shipping

13. Qualial

Qualial has a variety of stylish furniture options online including for those looking for a minimalist style.

14. Belle Maison

Belle Maison has a variety of interior furniture, but what draws the eye is their collection of vintage-style furniture with a low price tag.

15. Meglas

Kyoto Meglas is a popular online furniture store with an assortment of stylish furniture for both indoors and outdoors. They are known for their expensive-looking furniture that has the price of budget furniture.

stylish cheap sofa
Reclining Corduroy Sofa

¥ 58,000
✓ Free shipping

16. Modern Deco

Modern Deco is a great option when search for vintage, natural, or Western style cheap furniture online in Japan.

stylish sofa online
3-Seat Couch Sofa

¥ 99,998
✓ Free shipping

And if that doesn’t do it, there’s always Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten to peruse. Happy shopping!