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Where to Buy High-Quality Houseplants & Greenery in Japan

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Leafy Luxuries: Crafting Indoor Garden Escapes

Step into the verdant world of online houseplant shopping in Japan! Whether you are looking for something specific, prefer the convenience of ordering greenery online, or don’t have any nice plant shops nearby, this list should be what you are looking for. From sculptural bonsai to trending succulents, go crazy! 🙂

1. Life Nostalgia

Life Nostalgia has a wide assortment of houseplants, succulents, and cacti that would make the perfect addition to a traditional Japanese house. Along with plants, they also sell pots, vases, rugs, and other plant-related goods.

2. Sikito

Sikito offers a regular delivery service that coordinates and delivers seasonal branches to your home. This unique service is a great way to enjoy the variety of seasonal vegetation indoors while also brightening up your interior spaces. Since this service is seasonal, your home decor will be able to flex seamlessly between seasons and change the mood of your space when new branches are delivered. Their service is easy to use and low maintenance, perfect for people who don’t have time to shop for plants each season.

seasonal branches online japan
Branch Flight

¥ 3,987

3. &Green

&Green is another unique houseplant company that sells soil-free indoor plants. Instead of being rooted in soil, their houseplants are rooted in Pafcal, which is a sponge material that holds water and air necessary for plant growth. Using Pafcal is a sustainable alternative to soil, and uses about 1/3 of the amount of water compared to soil cultivation. This makes these plants very easy to take care of and gives you more freedom when rearranging and decorating.

soil free plants online japan

¥ 3,520

4. And Plants

And Plants offers an assortment of houseplants, flowers, ikebana, and dried flowers online in Japan. They provide a recommendation list for beginners or gifts, and their “search by condition” feature makes it easy to filter your plant search by size, price, or features. This monstera is their top pick for an easy beginner houseplant.

5. Mollis Kinto

Mollis Kinto grows its own plants and ships them directly to you. They have a wide variety of indoor plants including succulents, cacti, and basic houseplants. With each plant, they provide a recommended planter size and care instructions to be sure your plant stays healthy in its’ new environment.

cheap plants japan
Staghorn Fern

¥ 5,500

6. michikusa

Muchikusa is an industry leader for small-scale moss terrariums aka mosserariums. How cute. Some have little figurines in them, but I personally think the plain ones are the most pleasant to look at.

Moss Valley

¥ 33,000

7. Bonsai-Myo

This store has a variety of authentic Japanese bonsai and moss kokedama to choose from, with featured plants including Momiji (Japanese maple), palm, cedar, sakura and more.

Momiji Kokedama

¥ 4,378

Artificial Houseplants and Indoor Greenery Stores

8. Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba specializes in creating artificial flowers and plants that look like the real thing. Their hyper-realistic flowers are recognized around the world, and their online store makes it easy to bring these beautiful creations into your home. If you’re looking for low-maintenance flowers that don’t wither, these artificial flowers may be for you.

artificial flowers online
Calla Lilly

¥ 22,000

9. Air Rhizome Interior

Air Rhizome is an online furniture retailer that sells stylish artificial plants at an affordable price. They have artificial houseplants, succulents, and greenery, like the one shown below.

fake plants online japan
Artificial Green

¥ 3,278

10. Uminecco

Uminecco’s artificial houseplants are great for people who don’t have a lot of natural light or have pets and still want to bring greenery inside. Their houseplants include floor-standing sizes, tabletop sizes, hanging and layered styles, and individual stems for your own arrangement. Along with artificial plants, they also have faux ikebana style flowers to be placed in a vase. They make it easy to style and coordinate your houseplants with premade arrangements and displays that you can purchase along with styling guides.