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Where to Buy Sofas Online in Japan

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17 Online Sofa Shops to Discover Your Perfect Couch in Japan

Maybe you’re wondering where to buy sofas online for your place in Japan, or maybe you are just scratching your head… You may have noticed that furniture works a bit differently here. Whether you want a sofa or not is actually optional, and plenty of people here spend most of their time closer to the floor [aka sit on the tatami].

But if you want to create a home place that caters to western-style comforts (or if you are like me and get achy knees!), a sofa might be near the top of your home shopping list. So here’s a handy round-up of where you can find sofas online.

*Please note that we have included prices and store offerings as a general guide. They were correct at the time of writing this article. But please refer to each store for the most up-to-date prices and offerings.

1. Muji

Muji (Mujirushi Ryohin) is the gold standard brand for Japanese minimalist design. Their “no-brand” philosophy results in simple design with reliable quality.

2. Unico

Unico finds a nice balance between trends and timeless design influences. Much of their furniture embodies a midcentury influence, but they also have well-considered detailing and lots of custom fabrics available. There are pet-friendly upholsteries available, too.

ALBERO 3-Seater Sofa



LOWYA has over 3,000 products, 90% of which are made in-house. Their sofas are affordable, and there are many stylish options available.

Velvet Low Couch

¥ 64,990
Fukuoka / Osaka / Nagoya
✓ 1-year warranty

LOWYA also on amazon.jp →

4. Connect

Connect is a great online source for legit high-end Scandinavian brands in all of their customizable glory (think Finn Juhl, muuto, Carl Hansen, Hay, Fritz Hansen…)

Lune sofa

¥ 1,097,800
(depending on upholstery)
Fritz Hansen

5. Nitori

Nitori is sometimes compared to the ikea of Japan. Not super trendy, but is accessible and reliable. Many of their furniture products have multi-year warranties. I’ve found that the scandinavian-inspired wood frame furniture items are some of their nicest design offerings, and the below Arunas sofa is especially comfortable.

Arnus 3-Seater Upholstered Sofa

¥ 94,990
✓ 5-year warranty

6. Ambient Lounge

Ambient Lounge specializes in modular soft seating. Originating in Australia, they recently began to shift some responsibilities to a depopulating town in Gunma as a revitalization effort. They have water-repellant and fade-resistant upholstery options and a 30-day trial offer – rare in return-hesitant Japan.

“L” Sofa

¥ 279,700
ambient lounge
✓ free shipping
✓ 30-day trial

7. Crastina

Crastina‘s sofas and sectionals are modern style with a good amount of simple variations to choose from including minimal leather and denim couches.

Lire Sectional

¥ 254,430

8. Meglas Home

Meglas Home has a wide selection of trendy styles including industrial, feminine, and Scandinavian. Many of their sofas would be perfect for small spaces.

cheap sofa store meglas japan
Cord 3-Seater

¥ 87,400
✓ free shipping over 3,980 yen

9. Masterwal

Masterwal specializes in simple, solid wood furniture and modular seating. Their goal is quality construction and timelessness. They specialize in walnut but also have Hokkaido oak. There are also online sofa customization options, and many minimal low sofas that would look great in a Japanese-style room.


Okayama / Tokyo
✓ 3-year warranty

10. Mutuki Style

Mutuki Style is known for their curtains, but they also have a good selection of comfortable, livable sofas, recliners, and cute side chairs.

Rum Single Ottoman Sofa 1-4 Seater

¥ 50,780
✓ free shipping
✓ 1-year warranty

11. Kanetaya

Kanetaya is a family-friendly brand with stores in Chiba and Ibaraki. Their online store has a decent selection and is affordable.

12. Crash Gate

Crash Gate sofas have a vintage feel with but are new, clean and modern. The brand is cool and livable with well-selected upholstery colors.

Pluto 2.5-seater

¥ 105,000

13. Sofa Style

OK. Hear me out. It’s a sofa store. Sofa Style has great variety (over 1,500 products), and you will not find anywhere else with more low sofas. As a person who is currently living under their kotatsu on a room chair, I can’t help but make a gutteral oooh as I scroll through the low sofa selection. I definitely fall asleep under my kotatsu, and I wish it was more like this

Fluffy Floor Corner Sofa

¥ 45,984 to ¥ 62,774 depending on configuration

14. Rakuten

Rakuten Ichiba is a leading Japanese e-commerce platform that connects independent merchants with online shoppers. There is a wide variety of styles and pricepoints to choose from. Rakuten is also one of the most convenient places where international people can get Japanese credit cards – useful for online purchases and your new couch… and anything you could ever need for your home.


¥ 220,000
asquisse interior shop
✓ free shipping

15. Woodlife

Woodlife specializes in solid-wood furniture. There are some very nice sofas with wood frames, but this rattan-armed sofa is a standout.

Upholstered Rattan Sofa

¥ 214,680
Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture
✓ 100% solid wood
✓ made-to-order

16. Baum Order Furniture

Baum sofas are solid construction made-to-order from iron and wood, with industrial-feeling upholstery options like leather, corduroy and canvas.

YT 3-Seater Sofa

¥ 327,000
Baum Order Furniture
✓ made-to-order
✓ free shipping

17. Amazon.jp

And of course, if you would feel most comfortable knowing that hundreds or possibly thousands have left reviews on your future seating, amazon.jp is always an option. And lucky you, they probably accept your international credit card and these days you can use amazon.jp in English, too.

Sekikagu Alicia

¥ 66,000
✓ free shipping

Final Tips For Buying Sofas Online in Japan

In this post, you’ve hopefully discovered some great sources to where to buy sofas online in Japan. Remember to measure your doorway openings before ordering. And don’t forget that when purchasing furniture, you may be eligible to receive a coupon or turn-in credit to dispose of furniture from your home. I’ll continue adding to this article as we find more good sofa stores in Japan. Happy shopping!