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14 Places to Buy a Bed Frame Online in Japan

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Sleeping Structures: Your Complete List of Bed Frames Online

Futon or bed frame? I’ve experienced both and there and pros and cons of each. But to be honest, as much as I want to experience Japanese lifestyle, a good night’s sleep is irreplaceable. And especially for first-floor dwellers, there is great value in having a bit of distance between you and the floor… and the creepy crawlies common in old Japanese houses. Alas, behold plenty of options on where you can find bed frames with shipping in Japan, so you can recharge well with a deep night of sleep. 🙂

1. Baum

Baum specializes in creating solid wood furniture, and their bed frames are no exception. They offer standard sizes, as well as custom sizes to fit your mattress perfectly.

solid wood bed frame online
Chill Bed

¥ 206,000
✓ Free shipping

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is a well-known online retailer that has a wide selection of furniture to browse. They have bed frames in Scandinavian, traditional, or natural and some include unique features such as built-in shelves.

bed frame with shelf online
Scandinavian Bed with Shelf

¥ 70,400
✓ Free shipping

3. Crashgate

If you’re searching for a natural or industrial-designed bed frame, Crashgate’s solid oak and iron designs may be for you. Their stylish bed frames will complement any room.

4. Asunoko

Asunoko specializes in creating natural slatted bed frames that resist mold and moisture. This specific bed frame can be slid together with another to create a larger bed, and it has three different height options.

5. Woodlife

Woodlife is another great option for those looking for natural, solid-wood bed frames online. They have designs with built-in shelves, cushioned headboards, and rattan accents.

6. Qualial

If you want an easily assembled bed frame, Qualial offers frames with no screws needed, making it perfect for short-term rentals or small spaces.

screwless bed frame online
Screwless Bed

¥ 16,990

7. Kanetaya

Kanetaya sells simple bed frames online that prioritize functionality. They have a variety of storage beds, including bed frames with shelves and lift-up beds, as well as an assortment of frame and mattress bundles.

8. Kagu

Kagu is a great place to buy inexpensive bed frames. Their simple, minimalistic designs include beds with storage, slatted beds that resist moisture, and loft beds.

slatted bed frame online
Inari Slatted Bed

¥ 28,896
✓ Free shipping

9. Mutuki

Mutuki is a popular online furniture store that has a variety of stylish bed frames. This specific design is an modern take on a traditional Scandinavian-style bed.

modern bed frame online
Scandinavian Slatted Bed

¥ 107,980
✓ Free shipping

10. Air Rhizome Interior

Air Rhizome has an assortment of bed frames online, including affordable vintage, Scandinavian, and industrial styles.

double bed online japan
Walto Slatted Bed

¥ 72,349
✓ Free shipping

11. MasterWal

MasterWal’s contemporary bed frames online are modern and sleek while also being timeless. Some of their designs include bed frames with built-in outlets, or frames with extended headboards that give a luxurious, asymmetric feel. This wooden bed would look great in a renovated Akiya.

minimalistic bed frame online in japan
Luna Bed

¥ 242,000

12. Literie

Literie’s selection of bed frames includes Scandinavian-influenced natural bed frames that are crafted from solid wood.

solid wood bed frame japan
Truck Bed Frame, Single

¥ 60,908
✓ Free shipping

13. Bed Style

If you’re looking for an online store that specializes in all kinds of bed frames and mattresses, Bed Style is a great place to start. They have a wide assortment of bed frames such as floor beds, connectable beds, family-size bed frames, and futons.

large family bed online
Family Low Bed

¥ 49,935
✓ Free shipping

14. Minamoto Bed

Our last selection is Minamoto, an online retailer that offers traditional Japanese beds in different styles. They have bed frames designed specifically for tatami mats for those looking to blend Japanese and Western lifestyles.

tatami bed online japan
Shimanto Hinoki Tatami Bed

¥ 52,900
✓ Free shipping

Happy snoozing! 😉 zzz