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Where to Buy Solid Wood Furniture in Japan

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Crafted Comforts: 15 Shops to Find Beautiful Solid-Wood Furniture Online in Japan

Wood furniture is the perfect way to balance western comfort with natural materials in a Japanese house. Whether you are bringing some life into a sterile apartment or finding a harmonious way to furnish a traditional wooden house in Japan, wooden furniture is a beautiful option. In this article, we’ll take a virtual tour through Japan’s online furniture market, pointing you toward the best spots to find that perfect piece—from established retailers to traditional artisans—so you can curate your home with style easily. So, grab a cup of tea, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of online furniture shopping in Japan. 😉

*All prices and product offerings were correct at the time of publishing, but please refer to manufacturer sites for the most up-to-date details.

1. Kashiwa

Kashiwa has both Japanese and western-style seating and tables, including Japanese floor chairs, windsor chairs and sofas, and Scandinavian-influenced designs.

traditional japanese solid wood sofa
MIOSI Sofa Oak

¥ 558,800

2. Value Interior Store

Value Interior offers vintage, solid-wood furniture online that is timeless and well-crafted.

3. Baum Furniture

If you’re looking for furniture with a more industrial or rustic aesthetic, Baum’s custom order furniture uses solid-wood and iron to craft their designs.

solid wood tv board japan
L.L Board

¥ 222,300
✓ Free shipping over 22,000 yen

4. Mukui

Mukui’s cozy solid-wood furniture is the perfect combination between comfortable and stylish.

solid wood bed japan
Solid Wood Bed

¥ 253,000

5. Shiki

Shiki carves sleek, luxury furniture out of solid-wood using traditional methods to create modern designs.

6. Karimoku

Karimoku uses traditional woodworking techniques to craft small household items like paper towel holders, trays, and hardware.

7. Scanteak

Per the name, Scanteak creates Scandinavian inspired furniture crafted from solid teak wood. Their designs are minimalistic and sleek while still creating a warm and comforting environment that feels like home.

8. Woodlife

Woodlife is an online store that specializes in creating high-quality, solid-wood furniture. They have furniture for every room in your house, and a variety of upholstery options to match your preferred aesthetic.

9. Mutuki

Mutuki’s budget friendly options provide affordable solid-wood furniture that looks much more expensive than it is.

solid wood sofa online
Cloud Sofa 1-Seat

¥ 127,980
✓ Free shipping

10. Marutoku

If you’re wanting to invest in a piece of custom solid-wood furniture, Marutoku’s handcrafted pieces are designed to your exact specifications. You can specify wood species, measurements and more.

11. Tower Furniture

Tower Furniture offers semi-custom wood furniture, starting with nicely pre-designed options that you can tailor to your space. You can request quotes for specific sizes and materials on their website.

solid wood dining chair
Dining Chair

¥ 66,000 (leather)

12. R-Select

If you enjoy thrifting and buying secondhand but also want high-quality, solid-wood items, R-Select is an online marketplace with vintage and secondhand listings of all kinds.

13. Tadiama

For those looking for a raw-edge dining room table, Tadiama offers a few different tabletop options with the option to add legs or to buy individually.

14. Antry

Antry has a variety of stylish furniture and homegoods, including an assortment of solid-wood tables in all shapes and sizes.

minimal coffee table wood
Coupe Coffee Table

¥ 88,000

14. Wood You Like Company

Great name. Better furniture.

Broad Cabinet

from ¥360,800