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Industrial Minimalism Interior Design Style

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Modern Industrial Minimalism Interior Design Gallery

Industrial minimalism is a renovation and aesthetic trend in Japan taking over homes, coffee shops, hotels and workshop spaces. It’s cool, minimal and durable and here’s why we love it:

Industrial minimalism is direct and honest. It’s durable and no-fuss. Nothing superfluous. Concrete or dirt floors make a great spot for DIY projects… or if it’s just the “WIP” mood you are going for, that’s fine too. 😉

Industrial Minimalism Interior Materials

Here at Inaka House, we always stan using what you have! But for areas that need a little extra love, here are some material and finish ideas:

Floors are highly practical, so sealed concrete, reclaimed floor boards, or concrete-look linoleum are a great match. Already got a doma 「土間」 dirt floor? Perfect!

Walls are a great opportunity for a mortar 「モルタル」finish, or a light-grey plaster with some texture and imperfection.

Wood built-ins can be dark, perhaps with iron fittings, or if it’s your style, particle board has been trending (but maybe not the right choice if you want it to last a long time!) Adjustable bracket shelves from the hardware store are also a great option.

Loft? Yes!

Lighting: black track light in a dark ceiling is a chic choice. The fixture will disappear. Minimal edison bulbs (but warning, we think they are on the trend-wagon out!) How about a hand-blown glass pendant?

Exposed pipes and such are A-OK for an industrial space.

Factory-style fittings work perfectly here. Think reclaimed windows used as interior partitions, adjustable height drafting tables, metal shelving and vintage work lamps. Stainless steel kitchen tables are perfect for this style (PLUS they are affordable, easy to order, and easy to clean!)

Essential color palette: grey, black, white, wood. If you want to add color, bring it in through a special vintage item, hand-made pottery, or houseplants.

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