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8 Places to Buy Curtains Online in Japan

Japanese Drapery Stores

Curtain Chronicles: Where to Order Curtains Online with Japan Shipping Don’t feel limited to just the local home center! There are plenty of lovely options for where you can source curtains online with Japan shipping. Here are some of our top window covering store picks: 1. Traffa Traffa Named after the Swedish word for “encounter”, […]

Best Places to Buy Cheap Furniture Online in Japan

Budget Bliss: Your Guide to Japanese Budget Furniture Stores! Whether you are an English Teacher in rural Japan paying off student loans, a fresh digital nomad looking to live a simple life, or saving up for the day you can retire in your old traditional Japanese house. Buying furniture online doesn’t have to break the […]

14 Places to Buy Solid Wood Furniture in Japan

Crafted Comforts: 14 Shops to Find Beautiful Solid-Wood Furniture Online in Japan Wood furniture is the perfect way to balance western comfort with natural materials in a Japanese house. Whether you are bringing some life into a sterile apartment or finding a harmonious way to furnish a traditional wooden house in Japan, wooden furniture is […]

The Big List Of Online Furniture Stores in Japan

For those of you looking for a big list of online furniture stores in Japan, here it is! Shops in Japan sometimes don’t have online storefronts (and sometimes aren’t even on Google Maps!). Thankfully there are plenty of shops to choose from with delivery in Japan. You just need to know where to look! And […]

Where to Buy an Area Rug Online in Japan

Weaving Dreams: Your Guide to Japanese Online Rug Stores Rugs are a great way to add a layer of cozy to your space, and a must for renters looking to protect against damage or reduce noise for downstairs neighbors. Whether you are layering a living room rug over tatami or creating a warmer surface under […]

Where to Buy Sofas Online in Japan

17 Online Sofa Shops to Discover Your Perfect Couch in Japan Maybe you’re wondering where to buy sofas online for your place in Japan, or maybe you are just scratching your head… You may have noticed that furniture works a bit differently here. Whether you want a sofa or not is actually optional, and plenty […]

Second-Hand Gems: Online Vintage Furniture Stores in Japan

There are actually quite a few high-quality vintage furniture shops in Japan, however they are a bit hard to find at times! You can find retro Japanese, English, American, and Scandinavian furniture items for sale. The price of imported vintage furniture might be a bit higher than you are used to in your home country, […]