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My entire life, I’ve been sensitive to spaces. Even as a kid, I was curious about how my environment made me feel ~ resulting in layers and layers of paint on my bedroom walls. I had no idea that this was the foundation of a life-long dedication to environmental psychology; creating places that allowed people to be the best versions of themselves – happy, healthy, and prepared to live life.

From painting my best friend’s office to showing up at a coworker’s new apartment with adhesive remover and a scraper for the windows, I’ll be the first to emphasize that the foundation of good interior design isn’t glam or material acquisition. It’s cleaning and simply taking the time to be intentional.

As a, interior designer, I worked on high-profile, award-winning projects in New York, LA, Germany, China, Russia and Canada. Hitting burnout hard and confronting a conflict in values, I came to Japan to take a break and get back in touch with myself.

But driven by a life-long passion for houses and design, I couldn’t help but feel motivated to adopt some of Japan’s akiyas. And from traditional materials to Japanese language, houses here are challenging! But just like I’ve been there for my friends, I wanted to start this site as a way to show up for the international community I haven’t met yet. All across Japan, I want to help you make a space that supports you, no matter what your journey is. I’m on your team.

I’m starting this website with the simple goal of sharing tips and resources that will help you transform your house in Japan into your home. I hope you find it useful and you also stay in touch.

~ Bitsii Nakamura

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Hand-selected Japanese house tours, before & after transformations, home hacks, and more.

Whether you are in a temporary English teacher apartment or restoring a historic kominka, we’ve found the best interior design projects in Japan to give you direction.

Kominka Home Reno

Historic preservation, gut-jobs, and everything inbetween. The best kominka reno images to kick-start your renovation dreams.

Folk House Conversions

Hotels, cafes, galleries, and more. The sky is the limit for kominka conversion projects, and we've compiled lots to get you inspired.

Traditional Japanese Interiors

Step into the authentic charm of Japanese living, where tea rooms, tatami, wabi-sabi, and shoji converge in a harmonious blend of elegance. All the best of traditional Japanese-style home interior design.

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